“First Impressions are lasting Impressions”


Step 1:Call Tia before Making Major and Minor Updates

I will explain where to put your money and incorporate any major and minor updates into the price of the house. The more money you spend, the more you’ll get back is not always the case.

Step 2:Declutter and Depersonalize

Purge. If you open a closet and items fall out, the buyer will assume there’s not enough storage in the house. Now is the time to get a dumpster. You don’t want to pack and pay to move items that you aren’t using.

Remove collections. People will walk through and remember nothing but the collection. Store collectibles except for a very few prized possessions. 

Minimize personal items. Personal items distract buyers. Remember: it’s going to be someone else’s home. If there are too many photos, buyers won’t be able to see themselves in your house. Ultimately, you want your house to look like a hotel.

Step 3:Repair and Replace

You want your house to command the highest price. Go through and look at your house as a potential buyer would or ask me t. Ask yourself, “If I were to walk into this house, would I buy it?” If the mailbox is showing signs of wear, replace it. If your home’s exterior needs painting, paint it. If a window or a light switch is broken, just take care of it. Your house will be more inviting.

Step 4:Make It Clean and Pristine

If you can do only two things to the interior besides declutter, paint the walls and refresh the floors. Walls should be painted in the current neutral shades—which right now are grays and beiges. You want buyers to feel that your house can become their home. A fresh, clean look will be welcoming.

Step 5:Bring Things In

You can usually work with what you have to stage your home. Decluttering alone can make a big difference, but sometimes it’s necessary to bring in furniture during the process. That’s where a professional stager can advise.


To your continued success!

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